Latest Data Release June 15, 2017

The latest updates to the online public resources available through the Allen Brain Atlas data portal were released on June 15, 2017. These include the addition of new data and features to the existing resource, the Allen Brain Observatory - Visual Coding.

Highlights include:

New data, analysis, and software: Allen Brain Observatory - Visual Coding

  • Data for approximately 13,000 new cells, for a total of 39,796.
  • New cell features and visualizations, including updated receptive field characterization
  • Updated transgenic characterization data for the Rbp4 mouse line
  • Recordings from cells in in two new visual areas: VISrl and VISam
  • New NWB files for all data, containing:
    • de-mixed fluorescence traces
    • eye tracking data for ~60% of experiments
  • New data analysis algorithms now available in the Allen SDK
  • Improved cross-session cell alignment

Note for users of the Brain Observatory — Visual Coding dataset. Because all data has been reprocessed, all NWB files must be re-downloaded and all cell specimen IDs have changed. Please see the AllenSDK Wiki for information.

As new code and data modalities are released to the suite of web products available from brain-map.org, being able to notify users of any code, API or data changes has become increasingly advisable. If you are someone who uses our data and tools in your research or would like to be notified of any changes, please send us a message to be added to this mailing list. Please state that you would like to be notified of code or data changes in the body of your message.