Latest Data Release October 27, 2016

The latest updates to the online public resources available through the Allen Brain Atlas data portal were released on October 27, 2016. These include the addition of new data to three existing resources and annotation of the complete isocortex in the Allen Mouse Common Coordinate Framework.

Highlights include:

  • New data: Allen Brain Observatory
    • New calcium imaging data from ~9,000 cells including data from two additional transgenic lines.
    • New analysis tool to support browsing, filtering and sorting cells by response and tuning properties.
    • New supplementary information that characterizes the GCaMP6f expression of the transgenic lines assayed in the Allen Brain Observatory.
  • New data: Allen Cell Types Database
    • Increase in sample number: Additional single cells derived from the mouse isocortex, including 50 additional morphological reconstructions, have been added to the database.
    • New data visualization of morphological reconstructions displaying histogram of component types (axons, apical and basal dendrites) as a function of normalized cortical depth from pia to white matter.
    • New RNA-Sequencing data from ~14,000 cells from two cortical regions: primary visual and secondary motor areas.
  • New data: Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas
    • Approximately 200 new projection experiments have been added to the atlas, including new data utilizing a target defined anterograde tracing strategy.
  • Allen Mouse Common Coordinate Framework
    • Complete annotation of the isocortex, with 43 regions and 6 layers guided by gene expression and projection data.