Latest Data Release June 9, 2016

The latest updates to the online public resources available through the Allen Brain Atlas data portal were released on June 9, 2016. These include the addition of new data to an existing resource and a new product debut.

Highlights include:

  • New resource: Allen Brain Observatory
    • This is the inaugural release of the Allen Brain Observatory, an interactive online resource for quantitative exploration of the functional properties that underlie coding of sensory stimuli through the visual pathway, at both the single-cell and population level. This initial survey of cortical activity in the awake behaving mouse will expand over time.
    • A multi-scale dataset of visual coding in the adult mouse, using in vivo calcium imaging of visually evoked responses from GCaMP6f-expressing neurons sampled from selected brain areas, cortical layers, and targeted cell populations in Cre-expressing transgenic mice.
  • New data: Allen Cell Types Database
    • Sample depth and diversity, data modalities, and anatomical regions assayed for the Allen Cell Types Database have been expanded for this public release.
    • Increase in sample number: Additional single cells derived from the mouse cerebral cortex, with electrophysiological and morphological data and models (both point neuron and biophysical models) have been added to the database.